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A game about shuriken trying to cut your fingers. · By FriedCandle


Recent updates

Schuriken Volume 1 is out now! iOS & Android*
Schuriken Volume 1 is out now in Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands! I did a complete overhaul on Schuriken over the last couple of months with cutting-...
*In Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands SCHURIKEN IS OUT NOW in above mentioned countries. To be clear: this is by far not the final version of Schurike...
Graphics update!
Hi everyone, Sorry for the short hiatus, I was sick last week (and still recovering) but there is a new update for Schuriken! First of all I did a much needed a...
Hi everyone, First of all I am looking for iOS Beta testers for Comic Cutters! So, if you own an iPhone and want to help me make an awesome game, sign up using...
Finger Cutters Art Style and Haptic Engine implementation
Hi Everyone! Due to some graduation requirements, I needed to shift my attention to some other part of the game; the art style. I finally decided what the final...
Hi everyone, My name is Paul aka Fried Candle. First, let me introduce myself. I am a Senior at HKU (University of Arts Utrecht, the Netherlands). As my graduat...

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