Graphics update!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the short hiatus, I was sick last week (and still recovering) but there is a new update for Schuriken!

First of all I did a much needed art overhaul. The main menu has more of a Manga cover look (which I was going for) and the end screens are black to contrast the white playing field.

Next I implemented the shield and updated it's visual. The shield powerup gives you one more hitpoint so you can get higher scores!

And finally I added the beginning of the multiplier system. There will spawn coins (or dots) randomly in the playingfield. If you pick these up your multiplier bar will add up. How the multiplier is going to function is not completely clear at this point but I have some fun ideas ;)

Would you like to test Schuriken? Sign up here.

For a more in depth view into the development of Schuriken you can check out the Trello board.

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