Finger Cutters Art Style and Haptic Engine implementation

Hi Everyone!

Due to some graduation requirements, I needed to shift my attention to some other part of the game; the art style. I finally decided what the final art style of Finger Cutters is going to be. I went back to what I initially planned for Finger Cutters and decided on a manga-ish comic art style. Everything in the game will be black or white with the only color being red. 

With this new art style also comes a new design for this page but that has to wait for another time.

In addition to the new art style I also implemented the iOS Haptic engine. Instead of using a paid version from the Unity Asset store I went with Asus4's solution. This version is free to use and works like a charm. Highly recommend it!

For a more in depth view into the development of Finger Cutters you can check out the Trello board.

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