Hi everyone,

First of all I am looking for iOS Beta testers for Comic Cutters! So, if you own an iPhone and want to help me make an awesome game, sign up using this link. Thanks in advance :)

Secondly, the game is temporarily called Comic Cutter, this because Finger Cutters is already taken in the App Store and duplicate names are not allowed.

Last week I've been working on:

  • Implementing new artstyle
  • Peak and shoot mechanic
  • Setting up iTunes connect and Testflight

After last weeks art style update I went and implement it immediately. It always boost morale when the game looks just that much better. Highly recommend it!

As of this week the game plays a little different. Instead of ninja stars flying in the screen at random times, they now first Peak, wait for a moment and then Shoot. I call this Peak and Shoot. I decided to change this behaviour because the ninja stars that flew horizontally felt unfair and faster. By implementing this you can see them before they shoot. This does make the game easier overall, but I have ways to solve that too ;)

Last but not least, I am officially an Apple Developer now! I finally coughed up the 99euro (dollar) fee. So now I can distribute beta tests and more importantly, I can release my game! Very excited about this!

For a more in depth view into the development of Finger Cutters you can check out the Trello board.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and for more frequent updates follow me at Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter!


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