Walk with WASD
Pick up item by standing next to it.

Stockpile is a game about grocery shopping during a pandemic. Collect three items while trying to social distance from other grocery shoppers. Get to close for too long and you too will get infected. Take too long and it will be over too.

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Tags2D, covid19, extrajam2020, pandemic, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer


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this is a really cool idea! I liked the way you used the limited color palette. Hope you can expand it in the future

Thanks! I might add some small quality of life features in the future.

Quaint little game with a clear objective and well stylized visuals. It encouraged some pretty interesting decisions for a game of its scale, very well done.

Thanks! :D

Nice and simple game. Art is pretty good too

Thanks! I will relay the art compliments to my artist :)