I think games can tell stories no other medium can do. I also think we have not taken full advantage of that yet. Car is a prototype of a game (and world) I want to create in the future where storytelling and world building are the number 1 priority. In this prototype you drive around in the backcountry, exploring and looking around what stories are there to be found. 

Because I was working alone on this prototype, the gameplay is minimal ar this point. But that didn’t come without its problems. The car drives on the road using nodes. These nodes are at the beginning and end of the roads. But I had a really hard time how to organise these nodes and roads.

Currently it works like this. Each roads has at least 2 nodes (sometimes more), these nodes are managed by a road object which knows its nodes and which roads its connected to. The car then knows which road it is on by driving through nodes and asking which road it is. This is pretty labour intensive and I would like to improve it. If you have suggestions hit me up!

Similar games 

I am aware that there is another driving horror game; BEWARE. This game is nothing like that, in BEWARE you can control your car all by yourself, in Car that’s not the case. You could see Car more like the Stanley Parable.


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Nice prototype! I see a lot of potential for this game in the future!