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In 100m Finger Sprint you run a virtual 100m sprint (not really 100m) with your index and middle finger as feet (like a little person).


I got the idea for 100m Finger Sprint by my girlfriend who ran with her fingers over the table like a little person while discussing Schuriken (another game of mine). 


I had two ways of prototyping this in Unity. First was to make a Scroll Rect and build the whole game in a UI Canvas. This worked decently because I could toggle Inertia (force applied to the 'floor') and Elasticity (the bounce when it reaches the border of the rect. 

For the (in my opinion) most fair race I turned those both off. The floor should only move when you move your finger (foot) on the screen (floor). 

Due to some weird behaviour in quickly switching between fingers I decided to try another way. Away with the UI Scroll Rect and in with 'normal' 3D Plane to run on. Again, I didn't want Inertia so I parent the floor to the finger (foot) when you take a step and only move it when the finger moves. 

Too bad this has the same problem as the Scroll Rect. It is just faster to quickly scroll with 1 finger than 'running' with 2 fingers. 


The reason for this prototype was to find out if running on your phone could work and if it would be fun. 

To my disappointment I found out that it doesn't really work like how I imagined it. And due to it not working super well, it's also more frustrating than fun to play. I thought it could be comical to play this game locally and seeing your friends frantically 'finger-running' on their phone.

P.S. I currently don't have the Android export programs set up so I can't export for Android. If you would like to play it, hit me up and I'll fix that ;)

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